The University Break is over, and Exciting events are awaiting!

paperback-small.jpgpaperback-medium.jpgpaperback-large.jpgHi, my fellow bloggers and dear visitors,

My school break is over and I am going back to the busy and exciting school life again!!! Got tonnes of preparation work to do as I have a few mid-term tests coming soon. Currently I  am busy helping a publisher proofread their typeout and identify the typo errors and any alignment mistakes in the material. The material sent to me is very thick, it has taken me more than 2 weeks to finish it and yet I  still have one chapter to go.

Today I received an email from a fellow university friend, Calvin, he invites me to join a hand on workshop on internet marketing. I have signed up and am waiting for them to call me up. Since I read one book written by Adam Khoo, who is a alumni of my university, the National University of Singapore, I become obsessed with wealth creation, personal development, etc. The book gives me a lot of inspiration, and it has greatly widen my horizon! The book is “Secrets of Self-Made Millionaire“. It is a book full of illustrations and full of strategies. I just wish I could have found the book earlier and I have started to know Adam Khoo earlier. Sigh! Do not be sad, as it is better to be late than never! At least, I know a lot more than before from the single book!

I have shared with my close friends my thoughts on the book “Secrets of Self-Made Millionaire”, most of my friends do not give it a second thought, they think that the book is a scam!!! He denies my idol, adam khoo totally. I volunteer to lend the book to them, they do not want to! It is so sad. As I know the book has the power to change their view, to change their life, but some friends just ignore and resist it, it is such a pity. Some friends are like that, even there is something beneficial to them, they still resist it and do not give them a chance to grow and to learn more from successful people. As we live in a global world, everyone is connected somehow. There must be someone who is better than us, and we can learn from them. Especially there is someone, who is so young and yet has achieved some much in his career, and yet he is willing to share his secrets on making his first million at the age of 26 depite going to the Army for 2.5 years, there is every reason for any HIGHLY motivated, humble and success-driven person, either young or old,  to take the opportunity to learn his secrets and model his success.

Recently, I have found a offer on the book I mentioned earlier, “Secrets of Self Made Millionaire“, together with the book are 12 audio CDs produced by Adam Khoo, the author for the book. The total investment I did on the CDs and the ebook is $97. I have purchased it online some time ago, now, I  save the audio files to my handphone memory card, I always listen to those audios when I am waiting for my bus, when I  am walking alone on the street. The author’s voice and tonality, plus the content of the CD is very inspiring, and I feel so happy I made the decision to buy the CDs. The CDs includes millionaire mindsets, how to creat multiple streams of income, how to start an online business, and how to design your finiancial future, and so on. It covers a lot of aspects of being rich. It is really worth buying it.

I really enjoy my time here and I love sharing. I  am currently residing in Singapore, if any foreigners want to come here for holiday, and you want some recommendations from me, do drop me a comment and leave your email, I will get back to you soon. Also, if there are any like minded people, I welcome you to email me and we can encourage each other, and learn from each other. Learning never stops and I feel so happy that I have find that something (Secrets of Self Made Millionaire) which has totally changed my life.

I  talked so much on my idol, adam khoo, simply I really thank him for the excellent book has written and the CDs he is offering to all of us at an affordable price, $97. If you are one who desires success and are prepared to take whatever it takes to become successful, then this offer is for you. Investment on ourselves is never too expensive, especially when the investment is on our mind. Grab your opportunity and get the CDs and eBook in a minutes, and start your journey to success. If you feel satisfied with my recommendation, do let me know. I love to hear to what  my friends want to share.  

I hope you get something useful out of this post.

Stay tuned.

To your success and happiness.



One response to “The University Break is over, and Exciting events are awaiting!

  1. Hi Shirley!

    Yeahz school’s starting soon arghh.. I’ve also got two tests coming up..

    Anyway we’ll be contacting you soon to confirm the workshop details! And we’re extremely excited cos there are several like minded and passionate individuals in NUS itself!

    And that’s the whole point of us setting up this mastermind group, whereby everyone can motivate and encourage each other..

    Anyway I also started off reading Adam Khoo’s books and I have to agree totally with you that it’s the best investment I’ve ever made..

    had not been for Adam, I would still be a lazy and unmotivated student leading an unaspiring life..

    Shirley don’t be disheartened, as I’ve learnt over the years that you can’t share your dreams and goals with everyone..

    There are tons of negative ppl around and these ppl will simply be contented with the ordinary life they are leading. And when you share your aspirations with these ppl, they will definitely reply with their negative outlook. Not surprisingly, their life will most probably be negative.

    hence, simply concentrate your attention to those who are positive and willing to learn. Hang around with positive ppl and those who will help you grow!

    Alrighty.. good luck for all ur tests! we’ll be meeting soon and I’ll intro you to some passionate individuals very soon!



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