About Shirley

Hi everybody! My name is HUO XIAOLI. You can call me shirley, a name given by former room mate. This name reminds the happy time we spent together!

A brief introduction about myself: I am an year 3 Civil Engineering student from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Actually there are not many girls opting for civil engineering, but I am one of them. I simply love that course, like water purification systems, soil foundation analysis, transport system, etc. I come from China and I received a scholarship from the Ministry of Education (MOE) here to study in Dunman High School. Later on, I went to study in Victoria Junior College. After which I  went on to the Univeristy of Singapore (NUS) to pursue my undergraduate studies.

It has not been a smooth journey for me to grow up, mainly because I am a foreigner and language problem was always my first enemy. I just could not open up and make friends as I  feel inferior when I was in front of my friends. Hence my secondary school experience is something I am not fond of. I am not blaming my secondary school, it is just that I  was not ready to enjoy the school life at that stage of my life. All I  remember is not to fail my tests and do well in my O-Levels, as if I do not do well, my scholarship will be withdrawn.  I was under stress to perform, this situation has lasted until I  enter the second year of junior college. There, I found a room mate, Irene, she was  a scholar from Indonedia and she was very good at English, she always did so well in her General Paper in school. She helped me a lot in both my oral and written English. Since she cannot speak Chinese, we are kind of forced to communicate in English. I always put a small dictionary beside me when we chit chat and day by day, our comminucation becomes smoother and my confidence level rises partly due to her constant encouragement. Until now, I still feel very thankful of her. Thank you, Irene.  Together, we studied hard and motivate each other and in the end, both of us all got 4As for our A-Levels and I got B3  for my general paper. She did very well and later she got a scholarship from ST to further her studies.

I create this blog as I want to start a online business and learn from friends online and share whatever I have with you all. I have been addicted to reading books written on brain power and also books on internet marketing and wealth creation, etc. As I read those books, I feel that I should start action now, as action is the first step towards our goals in life. Yes, ACTION! I plan to get used to internet marketing and learn as much as possible from books and online information, I hope by the end of this year, my internet business can start making profit and I can share more of it after that. Yes, I am planning my work.

“Plan your work and then work your plan. ”

I hope that this blog serves as a platform for a informal discussion about internet business, friendship building, personal development, book reviews and a place to confide in. I will add more interesting stuff about my life later in this blog, please stay tuned.

If you have any suggestions, please drop me an email at: huoxiaoli2001@hotmail.com. Let me stop for now, and before I sign off, here I wish you all a happy and meaningful day!

 Yours sincerely,



5 responses to “About Shirley

  1. “Actually there are not many girls opting for civil engineering, but I am one of them.”
    haha, me too^^
    congratulations for your blog openning~~~

  2. Thanks, vicky. Will try to make this site full of fun and content!

  3. cheers!

  4. Hi Shirley!

    What a coincidence as I was also from DHS, VJC and now currently in NUS Biz Ad..

    Glad to see another Internet Marketer around in NUS!

    Wish you all the best!


  5. Thank you all my friends for dropping your comment here. I will try hard to make my blog fun and inspirational!

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