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The Secret

I have come across such a wonderful video and it is very thought-provoking and meaningful. The first thought that came to my mind is to post the link to my blog so that more people will know it and hopefully get some thing of it.

I post it here, and I will not get any monetary benefit, but i will definitely get some emotional benefit— as i feel very happy and fulfilled when I share something wonderful with my dear readers.

Go and enjoy the videos!

Click here or here.

To your success,



How Pregnancy Happens???

Hi, my faithful readers,

Thanks for being faithful and supporting and bookmarking  my blog! I have something to treat you or “bribe” you or “entertain” you today! You don’t want to miss, I know you don’t…

I happened to see a funny video from a friend’s website. The video makes understanding pregnancy fun and easy.

Watch the Video Here!

Enjoy the video and learn something from it.

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Stay tuned, and be happy!

Shirley 😉