Purchase of Ewen Chia’s Most wanted Ebook—Secret Affiliate Weapon

Hi, Dear all,

I feel so happy to show you something I purchased two days ago. This is a snap shot of what I bought. Oh, it looks like there is something wrong with my laptop today, but any way, you can find it out more by clicking the button behind. Click here. It is a good buy, I have to admit.

You know how much I spent on it? $9.97. I spent $9.97 on the Ebook who was originally worth of $297. This offer is only for a limited time. So please hurry to grab one before the owner Ewen Chia remove this delicious offer.  Wait!!! Before we buy any product, we have to find out what are contained inside the Ebook, if it is something irrelevent to us, it will worth pennyless to us, but this program is for Affiliate Marketing, meaning if you want to start internet business and earn an additional stream of income for yourself without investing all your savings, all you need is a website to share with your friends what useful information that you have got. You can gain some profits by promoting the manufacture’s excellent products to the friends you want to help. Do check it out and tell me how do you feel about the product you have purchased. I really hope there are friends who are in vision with me and so that we can exchange our thoughts and move ahead together.

Personally I  am totally mesmerised by the contents contained inside the Ebook cost $9.97. It was a really good buy. I will share with you more  the next time after I  have digested all the contents inside.

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How Pregnancy Happens???

Hi, my faithful readers,

Thanks for being faithful and supporting and bookmarking  my blog! I have something to treat you or “bribe” you or “entertain” you today! You don’t want to miss, I know you don’t…

I happened to see a funny video from a friend’s website. The video makes understanding pregnancy fun and easy.

Watch the Video Here!

Enjoy the video and learn something from it.

If you want to be  happiner than yesterday and be much more happiner, there is a website and you can sign up for a FREE Health Living 7 day class and you can receive daily updates on how to own happiness! Go and sign up now! Grab Happiness 

Stay tuned, and be happy!

Shirley 😉

See you at the TOP continued—

Dear readers,

I have finished reading the book “see you at the TOP” written by Zig Ziglar. I love this author, he is so passionate about life and he is so passionate about helping others to achieve what they want. This book cannot be found in the local bookstores in Singapore, let me figure out a way of getting it if you are interested. Give me some time. Okay?

To be continued…

My photo!!!


I am still new at wordpress, but I am confident I  can master it within two weeks. In order to make my blog as real as me, I have uploaded my photo here. It is ME. Really. If any of you is also interested to use wordpress.com to build your own blog, please share with me what shortcuts you know about it. I  am very willing to learn and share with the rest.

Okay, feel free to drop me a comment so that I  can learn from you.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog. I will update my blog the least every two days.

Stay tuned, hear from you.

Shirley 😉

Daily Brain Food

Hi, dear readers,

I have learnt something from reading so many great books. Every great author emphasises the  importance of reading daily. All successful people have cultivated this good habit: daily reading, especially those motivational readings. Hence, in order to facilitate your search of good books, I have created this link for you,  Daily Brain Food You just need to click on it and you will find abundance of very excellent reading materials. Do visit it often and I guarantee you that you will learn a good deal from these exceptionally good books.

Keep reading and keep succeeding.

Stay tuned and take care.

Your good friend,



Hi, my dear readers,

Remember I am a girl who has fallen in love with reading since June, 2006? In fact, before that, I  never enjoy reading. I only thing I read are the  compulsory materials given by school teachers. I hated reading. I would doodle on the compulsory readings. It was such a tortune at that time.

Since last year June, I suddenly find books I  really enjoy reading. Most of them are on personal development, public speaking, internet marketing and etc. I would like to share my thoughts for each book I read as a means of communicating with you and hopefully can get some feedback from you.

If you have books you like reading, please drop me a comment and recommend to us so that we all can benefit from it. Nothing is greater than sharing.

Though this is an introduction post,  I would like to let you know which book I am currently reading. I am reading the book titled “See You at the Top” written by Zig Ziglar. I love the book as it is filled with abundance of ready-to-use techniques to improve yourself. If you are interested and have time, please go and grab one to read. I will share with you my thoughts on it after I have finished reading it.

Stay tuned and choose to be happy.

Yours sincerely,


Happy Chinese New Year to all my faithful readers!

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese readers.

I am so happy and excited to start off this post. Now, it is public holiday and from yesterday and until next Thursday, it is my university (the National University of Singapore)  recess week, a week meant for all students to catch up their studies and prepare for the coming midterm tests. It sounds a bit sarcastic, right? Never mind, I will try to make this recess week balanced with studies, private tuition and fun outdoor activities.

Tomorrow we are going to climb Bukit Timah Hill, although  I  have been staying in Singapore for more than 6 years, I  have never been to this Bukit Timah Hill before. I want to stretch myself up and I want to be fit. Don’t you? I just received my medical report from DAYSPRING Wellness, after I read the report, I am generally healthy, but I  am a bit underweight, my current weight is 45 kg, and my ideal weight should be 51.5 kg. Ha, I should have no worry to eating more during this Chinese New Year. It is not good to be neighter overweight too much nor overweight too much. We all should try to control our weight within the healthy range, as our body weight plays a big role in determining our general health.  Here, I suggest all of us to go for medical check up at least once a year. This can put our mind at rest if we know what we do and eat is promoting our health. Right?

Well, we all have 24 hours a day, and we all have a lot of things to accomplish. Hence, time management is very important. I have been trying hard to plan my daily schedules to accomplish what I want to do within each day. I tend to focus on “TODAY“, I always try to make my “today” work for me and try to utilise it to its fullest for every ” today”. I hope you also have your way to achieve the most out of one day. A secret I want to share with you is to plan your day before you go to bed. For me, every day, before I  go to bed, I will list down the things I  decide to accomplish the next day on a piece of paper and stick it to my laptop screen. So the next day when I get up, I will feel totally prepared and happy to start one day off. If you have any suggestions or ideas , do drop me a comment and let’s start our discussion, so that we can learn from each other.

Come and join me.